11 Stunning Facts About Elderberry Gummies That Will Make You Rethink Your Diet

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Taking supplements is not only reserved only for the sick and elderly.

Supplements are not drugs, medication, and nor they can make your life go haywire. On the contrary, supplementing your diet brings daily nutrition intake to optimal balance, which means that you are healthier, stronger, enjoy a better mood, and more energy.

The recent pandemic is a truly humbling experience. Your, my, and the health of our families and friends is at risk from forces well beyond our control. But what can you do to mitigate the unforeseeable risks?

We have a saying at Peak Performance Nutraceuticals that reminds us of what’s truly important.

“Health is your ultimate wealth.”

Invest in your health today, so you’re not caught off guard by any preventable illness.

11 Stunning Benefits of Taking Elderberry Gummies.

1. Elderberry gummies are tasty and appeal to the pickiest eaters.

Gummies are perfect for any age and food preference.

Kids, parents, partners, and friends can all take gummies without triggering the “yuck” response. What’s not to like in tasty, naturally sweet, and healthy gummies? The benefit is right there, and as long as you take the recommended dose, nothing wrong can really happen.

If you eat too many gummies, you may have to visit a toilet a few extra times that day, but any real harm or foul is yet to be reported.

WebMD ranks Elderberry supplements as safe for both adults and kids.

2. Elderberry gummies build your immune system

The most popular use for Elderberry gummies is to help build a strong immune system.

You’re probably under stress, dealing with intense uncertainty from the pandemic, economic downturns, and political violence. If you have a family with young kids, then your stakes are unbelievably high.

Many supplement with elderberry gummies because they can get the whole family behind the idea of taking immune system support gummies instead of pills.

Elderberry is only not recommended for people with autoimmune diseases because the body is already misusing the immune system, and Elderberry can make that process even more effective.

3. Elderberry gummies are super-packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Gummies have an astonishing vitamin profile that is almost unrivaled from other supplements.

  • Vitamin C: One serving has 90mg of Vitamin C, which is 100% of the daily recommended intake.
  • High in dietary fiber: Elderberries contain 7 grams of fiber per 100 grams of fresh berries, which is over one-quarter of the recommended daily intake (4).
  • Phenolic acids: Gummies are a powerful Phenolic acid source, an antioxidant that reduces damage from oxidative stress in the body.
  • Flavonols: Gummies are packed with flavonols quercetin, kaempferol, and isorhamnetin. Flavonols help with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.
  • Anthocyanins: which is a strong antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Zinc: one dose has 7.5mg of Zinc Citrate, which is enough to satisfy 68% of recommended daily intake.

Listed ingredients are the reason for such a synergetic effect elderberry gummies have on human health.

4. Elderberry gummies are not candy and can’t make you fat.

One serving has 18 calories, which is five times less than one apple. For reference, Apples have around 100 calories per serving and are praised as the ultimate diet food.

You don’t have to worry about Elderberry gummies spiking your insulting levels or messing with your diet plans. You’re taking virtually no extra calories while getting all the health benefits of eating 10 apples and a plate of leafy green veggies.

5. Elderberry gummies are the tastiest way for millions worldwide to fight the flu and cold.

We still don’t have a cure for the common cold.

Humanity has come a long way, and that’s why it’s surprising that we still can’t figure out how to cure viral disease.

Elderberry is not the end of influenzas and colds. Still, scientific research (backed by traditional medicine through thousands of years of use) confirms that Elderberry gummies help shorten the length of flu and cold symptoms.

If you’re sick, ordering a pack of elderberry gummies can help you get back on your feet much faster.

6. You don’t have to report the use of Elderberry gummies to any authority because it’s perfectly legal in every country.

Picking up wild berries in a foreign land is not the wisest option.

Beyond the movie “Into the Wild,” where the hero dies after eating a poisonous plant in Alaska, you may be in legal trouble too.

Arkansas and California prohibit nearly all foraging on state-owned lands, and picking fruit from a private property leaves you at the mercy of the owner. Most other states have similar laws regarding picking wild berries. Commercial use can land you in tremendous trouble too.

Traveling with an elderberry plant is not an option for most people either.

You’re not just driving unwanted attention. You’re risking prolonged delays and legal trouble trying to bring a plant through border security.

If you’re not a botanist with good knowledge of extracting value from plants, rather buy elderberry from a trusted and ethically sourced brand.

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7. Gummies help mitigate health concerns and risks

Elderberry gummies are perfectly legal and deliver all the health benefits without any personal or professional risks usually associated with wild berry hunting.

Raw berries, leaves, and roots contain high doses of reciting and cyanide,, which can cause nausea, vomiting, and digestive complications. Cooking elderberry removes the cyanide in most cases, but it's not recommended to channel your Guy ElderFieri at home if you’re not a trained professional. Cyanide is a harmful substance, often used as a poison.

Gummies are cyanide-free and have no reported adverse effects. The reviews and customers are yet to report a problem here.

The uncooked berries, leaves, bark, and roots of the elderberry plant contain the chemicals lectin and cyanide, which can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Heating the berries and seeds will remove the cyanide.

Ordering a box of gummies is not just cheaper, more effective, and tastier. It also helps mitigate all the unwanted side-effects.

8. Elderberry gummies help with inflammation

Inflammation is America’s silent killer, responsible for millions of deaths each year.

Until recently, the vicious silent killer has not been thoroughly addressed in modern medicine and scientific research. We’re only just discovering the immense health complications from elevated inflammation in recent years. Your vital organs, arteries, and joints are at risk. Ignoring signs of inflammation contributes to heart disease, blood vessel disease, all types of diabetes, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other conditions.

Elderberry supplements boost the inflammatory cytokines IL-1 and TNF-Alpha.

Inflammation is a natural way for your body to heal and protect itself. You can’t survive without inflammation because inflammation signals a potential injury and infection. Your wounds would never heal, and infections would easily sprawl out of control without an inflammatory response in your body.

Elderberry gummies can help your body have better control over inflammation and use it as a force of good in the body.

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9. Better skin routine — discover your inner glow.

Ancient Egyptians are always pictured as youthful and pretty, with smooth and healthy skin.

The secret of ancient Egypt besides pyramids and architectural wonders? Egyptians used Elderberries for health wounds, burns, and other skin conditions like acene. Elderberry was to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aging spots.

Today, you could order various Elderberry topical supplements to manage a skin condition, heal acne, and tighten the pores. You could also help your skin in other ways too.

Supplementing with gummies brings that youthful glow from the inside.

10. Elderberry has been a common health supplement since the dawn of human civilization.

Humans use elderberries since the early times of herbal medicine.

The combination of traditional medicine and robust scientific evidence is the reason behind creating Elderberry gummies at Peak Performance Nutraceuticals.

Historical findings reveal elderberry use in traditional medicine for immune building properties among American and European tribes. Greeks had Elderberry in their pharmacy centuries before Christ ever walked the Earth.

The supplement was so beneficial that many referred to Elderberry as the Elder Mother, the bearer of life.

11. Peak Performance Nutraceutics is a company of real people struggling with the same health concerns as you do.

The internet is full of over-hyped diets and crazy health statements.

You can’t really trust most reviews online, and some products can be full-on snake oil. Most companies only see sales, and profits, and the grand bottom line, completely forgetting that real people are the ones these companies are serving. Here at PPN, we believe in something else. We believe in creating a healthier America that stands strong together. That’s why you’re not just a number on a spreadsheet next to a dollar sign in our eyes.

That’s also why Elderberry gummies are made for you by real people that are not much different than your neighbours and friends.