Here are 7 Common Mistakes of New Nootropic Users

What if one pill could solve all your problems?

Imagine if you could calculate the final value of Pi and harness telekinetic powers. Wouldn’t you crush it at work and become, like, a billionaire?

You probably watched that film where Bradley Cooper becomes a super-human and changes the world after discovering a peculiar tablet. The NZT-48. The limitless pill that lets you access 100% of your brain. Oh, the possibilities.

OK, full stop.

Read this carefully. We’re about to rip the bandaid off.

You’re using 100% of your brain already. Evolution gave you that mushy matter in your skull for a reason. Your full brain helps you manage biological functions such as walking, speaking, singing, calculating, reading, etc.

The 10% brain capacity is just a myth.

The nootropic community is riddled with bro-science and wild myths.

Don’t blame yourself if you’re misinformed about nootropics.

Nootropics are an umbrella term for brain supplements that improve your cognition. However, the internet gurus stuff everything under the sun in this category, from Adderal to Coffee.

The essential difference here is twofold.

  1. Drug-free nootropics, like AlphaDay, help you get that extra kick and improve your memory, verbal skills, motivation, energy, etc. The ingredients are natural and organic in this case.
  2. Smart drugs are potent stimulants, often prescribed as therapy for ADHD, Depression, and other health conditions. Think of Adderal, Methamphetamines, and yes, NZT-48 from the Limitless film. However, the latter doesn't exist in the real world.

The first is really good for you, as it helps you operate at peak performance. The latter is questionable, as different implications and long-term studies are often contradicting. Adderal, when used Off-label, can completely wreck your health and performance.

Let’s focus on the healthy kind of nootropics, drug-free kind.

After decades of trying and testing health supplements, and personally developing a few products, here’s what we often see as the common misconceptions among new nootropic enthusiasts.

1. No pill can solve all your problems

Brain supplements are not miracle pills. Think of Alpha Day and other drug-free nootropics as cognitive enhancers. Nootropics will increase your focus, lift brain fog, and help you push an extra mile at work, but you can’t expect a supplement to solve your issues.

2. You can’t cheat your health with a magic pill.

Nothing can substitute a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep, follow a balanced diet, and get enough exercise. Cognitive enhancers will then help release even more energy and motivation to crush it at work.

3. Don’t take nootropics late at night.

Taking Nootropics late at night can impair the quality of your rest. Sleep is an essential biological function. Contrary to popular belief, nothing can substitute quality sleep, not even nootropics or drugs.

4. Always buy Nootropics from a reputable source.

The amount of questionable products on the market is nerve-wracking. Individual users find a Reddit thread about a new substance and order a batch of pills from a “trusted” source in Siberia. Don’t do this. Reddit is awesome, but don’t put untested chemicals in your body. You have a better chance of damaging your performance than optimizing your mind. Buy from trusted and FDA approved sources instead. Your health is invaluable.

5. Don’t wait for Nootropic supplements to “start working.”

Drug-free nootropics don’t kick-in the same way drugs kick-in. You might feel your mood and mental clarity improving, but don’t expect to get high. Nootropics provide the right nutrients for your brain to perform at optimal levels, translating to better overall performance and personal satisfaction.

Drugs hijack neuropathways and crank up a specific neurotransmitter product, which gives you an unbalanced feeling of being high.

6. Taking high quantities will only cause nausea.

Labels are labels for a reason. Follow the recommended dose. Taking excess nootropics doesn't equal better performance. For Alpha Day, take two pills each morning, and focus on your next activity. Good nootropic supplements help you forget the rest and let you enter the state of flow in your workplace.

7. Nootropics can’t increase your intelligence.

Cognition and intelligence are two different terms, often used interchangeably. While nootropics can help you with comprehension, the brain supplement can’t do much for intelligence. You won’t be able to suddenly calculate the 20th decimal point of every financial transaction on Wall Street. But you can expect better spatial awareness, verbal recall, motivation, energy, and less mental clutter.

Do you really need to add a nootropic to your diet?

Are you an athlete, student, young professional, entrepreneur, or a senior? If you fit in one of these demographics, then you will benefit from a cognitive booster.

  • Students will find more joy in reading.
  • Young professionals will enjoy peak focus and mental edge.
  • Entrepreneurs will find good stress relief, and seniors will feel mentally younger again.

Nootropics will help you realize your potential and maximize your accomplishments, just not in Hollywood's too-good-to-be-true way.