7 Telltale Signs of B12 Deficiency That Doctors Miss

Kary K had a turning point in her life when she dropped her newly born son. 

She lost control in her arms and collapsed out of exhaustion. Luckily her husband was there to catch the child, and nobody was hurt. But at that exact moment, she knew that something was terribly wrong.  Kary was not supposed to be exhausted after a relaxing day at home. She rushed to the hospital and underwent CT Scans and bloodwork. 

The results came back fine. 

Kary was normal by all modern medical standards, but she wasn’t feeling good. Her hands were clamping, a tingling sensation spiraled down her spine, she was also tired around the clock and struggled through migraines. 

“I thought I was going to Die.” — Kary K.

Kary suffered from Pernicious Anemia, and her body couldn't absorb dietary B12. 

Unfortunately, B12 deficiency is a commonly misdiagnosed condition and that was exactly what bothered Kary. 

Instead of B12 deficiency, she was formally misdiagnosed with depression and doctors pushed antidepressants down her throat. After years of trial and error, Kary decided to try out the B12 supplements. Only hours after the initial dose, she felt young and energized again.

Doctors usually miss on these 7 signs of B12 deficiency, according to Ken Berry, MD.

The bloodwork done for B12 is notorious for not picking up on the obvious symptoms, which often leads to misdiagnosis of B12 deficiency. 

If you have any of the following symptoms and suspect vitamin B12 problems, be sure to mention them to your doctor.

1. Burning, Tingling and Numbness in Arms, Hands, and Feet are a symptom of B12 Deficiency.

We’re all struggling with neuropathy today. We’re not moving as much as our ancestors and often find ourselves under heavy mental stress. 

Pins and Needles, Tingling, and Numbness are physical conditions everyone experiences at times, but when it’s persistent it might be a sign of vitamin B12 issues. 

2. Smooth, Beefy-Red, and Slightly Swollen Tongue.

Stand in front of the mirror and look at your tongue. 

Is it smooth, beefy, and kind of big? If your tongue is smooth, big, and burgundy, then that might be a telltale sign of B12 deficiency. Tongues should be bumpy and uneven, and shouldn’t be smooth at all. If your tongue is smooth and feels too big for your mouth at times, don’t forget to mention to your doctor.

3. Fatigue and Constant Exhaustion can be a Glaring B12 Deficiency Sign, especially in Vegans.

Fatigue is hard to attribute as the standalone sign of a B12 deficiency. 

We’re constantly under pressure in our fast-paced lives, and it’s normal to be exhausted at times. However, if you’ve recently started a plant-based diet, or going fully Vegan and you’re not feeling like the old-strong you, mention that to your doctor. 

4. Constant Brain Fog and Bad Memory is a Huge Indicator of B12 Deficiency.

Slow thinking is a billboard-size sign of B12 deficiency. 

If you’ve been recently pregnant, started a Vegan diet, or entered the next age bracket before retirement, then mention B12 deficiency to your doctor. A clear mind is essential for a healthy, happy, and accomplished life.

5. Losing balance and changing the way you walk can be a harmful symptom of B12 deficiency.

You can test this one by asking your friends and family if you’re walking differently or even funny. And if they notice that something is off in the way you move and walk, go to the doctor's office immediately and ask them about Vitamin B12.

Vegans and new moms should have the same balance as everyone else too, despite the change in lifestyle. 

6. Vitamin B12 Deficiency Can Mask Itself as Depression.

Vitamin B12 issues are commonly misdiagnosed as depression. Taking antidepressants and heavy medications instead of a supplement can potently wreak havoc on your professional and personal life.

Before you accept your diagnosis for Depression, explore Vitamin B12 options. 

Buying cheap Methylcobalamin drops can help save you years of taking the wrong therapy. And even if you have underlying conditions, more vitamin B12 in your system can only help you produce energy and red blood cells.

7. If you’re a Vegan, Vegetarian, and Refuse to Eat Meat Products watch out for Vegan B12.

The environment and animals are thankful for your service to the planet. 

Vegan options and communities are expanding and growing rapidly. And you don’t have to be that tired-looking boy at family dinners that only eats lettuce and tomato.  You can be ripped and strong just as Arnold Schwarzenegger, who now eats a plant-based diet according to Game Changers. However, your body can’t produce essential B vitamins by itself and needs a little help in this process.

Luckily, Vitamin B12 Sublingual Drops from Nutraceutics are affordable and practical. 

You’re getting the same value as taking Vitamin B12 shots minus the grueling needles and expensive trips down the doctor's office. Game Changers.

B12 deficiency is more common than a nervous breakdown caused by mishandling of the COVID pandemic. 

The deficiency sneaks up on you and leaves you weak, exhausted, and frustrated. However, reasons for deficiency are longer than the Bible.

Dietary options are all fine, but not as effective as shots or sublingual drops.

Madonna, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, and many other mega-celebrities constantly take B12 to maintain their high-energy performances.

With Vitamin B12 Sublingual from Peak Performance Nutraceutics, Your body absorbs 100% of the supplement and gives you an instant and wholesome boost. 

You don’t have to sacrifice your energy and your happiness to care for the environment and the animals, B12 might be just that link you were missing to put your story together.