Little-Known Ways to Prevent Aging and Stay Young

Prevent the preventable and delay the inevitable” is an old Chinese proverb that will make you live longer.

Sadly, the Internet is full of snake oil merchants and bro-scientists trying to sell the eternal fountain of youth. Individuals boast about gluten-free products for better skin, carnivore diets for extreme weight loss, and vegan products that change the lives of not just humans but animals too.

But what do we actually know about aging and longevity?

Not much, and especially not enough to claim a specific type of brand helps with aging.

Humans live 85–95 years, with or without modern medicine.

Medicine saves lives, and you have better odds at surviving illness and injury than ever before in history. But you can’t cheat death. Grim Reaper collects souls regardless of how much broccoli is on your plate.

We do, however, know that some people live longer than their peers. Elders from the Okinawa prefecture in Japan, together with Elders from Monaco, Sardinia (Italy), Ikaria (Grece), Nicoya (Costa Rica), and Hunza (Pakistan), are famous for living up to 100 years, beating the global life expectancy by a wide margin.

Scientific research is divided on WHY and WHAT when it comes to longevity, and that gives space for a lot of confusion and conspiracy.

Here’s what peer-reviewed research says about age prevention.

Ancient knowledge is not wrong when it comes to aging. Exercise, sleep, temperature manipulation, and diet affect your overall health and longevity.

Aerobic exercise helps you stay fit, have more energy, and possibly decrease aging. Active people look much younger in old age. Temperature manipulation and subjecting your body to extreme cold and heat can positively shake up your telomers, helping them reduce less. Telomers protect human DNA from falling apart very much like plastic tips protect your shoelaces.

You can’t grow your telomeres, but you can prevent them from accelerated loss in length. Wim Hoff is a great and entertaining example of health benefits that come from temperature manipulation. Sleep is another biological necessity, and the lack of it kills people.

A healthy diet is the most confusing aspect of aging. Health warriors break their spears over plate contents with a vastly different interpretation of what it means to stay healthy and eat healthily. Place a vegan and a carnivore on the same dinner table, and you’re suddenly in a Jerry Springer episode.

Health is a term that doesn’t mean much to the reader, and we can only define what is not healthy. However, peer-reviewed research and everyone under the sun agrees on one thing.

Caloric restriction is the way to certainly slows aging and lower the core temperature.

The science is divided on the exact foods that prevent aging. Individual studies may find a correlation between plums and greater longevity. Other studies may discover McDonald's as the healthiest restaurant on the planet.

However, only one thing certainly helps people look younger, live longer, and have more energy.

Caloric restriction is tested, tried, confirmed, and stands the test of time. Thousands of studies confirm that the quantity you eat is more important than your diet's actual content. You can’t just live on bourbon and burgers for the rest of your life. High-carb and processed foods still have the power to make you feel bad and tired.

Here’s how others are approaching caloric restriction to slow down aging.

MCT OIL will helps you with energy and longevity.
MCT oil boosts intermittent fasting

1. OMAD is an acronym for OneOne meal a day can help you restrict your calories without worrying about what to eat.

One meal a day is an extreme tactic of intermittent fasting. The OMAD movement explodes in popularity as the diet plan doesn’t limit WHAT you eat, but WHEN you eat. People following OMAD diets typically eat in one hour window and then fast for the next 23 hr. The meal can be anything, but it’s not recommended to have Mac&Cheese as your only nutrient source.

We’re recommending Raspberry Ketones and Organic MCT oil as extra fuel for your OMAD diet. If you’re feeling low during a fast and don’t want to eat a meal, add a bit of MCT oil that helps retain all the benefits of OMAD without the negative drawback.

2. Hara Hachi Bu is a famous dieting philosophy from Japan.

Eat until you’re eight parts full,” is an old Confucian saying that helps Okinawa elders live up to 100 years. Okinawa elders eat only up to 80% of satiety and avoid feeling full. The satiety signals in your body are usually late, sometimes up to 20mintues. Hara Hachi Bu helps you eat until you’re full, even though you don’t feel full as you eat. If you feel full while eating, that means you’re already in the danger zone.

3. Plant-based diets help Sardinians live long and healthy lives.

Sardinian people live in the blue zone (photo above), a demographic area where people live measurably longer. The island has the highest number of centenarians (100 years old and older), next to Okinawa and Ikaria.

The blue zone also consists of family relations, physical activity, social engagements, and loads of legumes and plant-based foods.

Eating plant-based food probably is not the only trigger for increased longevity, but filling 80% of your plate with greens is certainly not bad for you.

You can’t eat something that helps you look younger and live longer, but you can eat less of what makes you older.

Science is still divided on what exactly helps individuals live a long and healthy life. We all know a rolling stone uncle that smokes like a chimney drinks wine with every dinner, and will probably outlive his family.

Jokes aside, caloric restriction is the only known way to increase longevity and maintain youth both on the inside and outside.

When and how much you eat will help you prevent aging and stay young.