Top 32 Wellness Trends That Will Absolutely Help You Stay Healthy in 2021

The health revolution of 2021

  • The pandemic is raging out of control, disrupting the way we consume and think about personal health.
  • People are increasingly becoming more mindful of others.
  • We're thinking about the health of our family, friends, and even our neighbours like never before.
  • More people regularly wash their hands today than ever before in the history of humankind.
  • We’re eating nutrient-rich foods and supplementing our diets for peak performance in life, business, and sports.
  • New dietary supplements, wellness gadgets, mobile health app, and a new lifestyle is in the works for 2021.

Let’s quickly crunch the numbers.

The global wellness industry is now worth $4.5 Trillion, which is more than Biden’s $1.9 billion Coronavirus relief package, or double the United Kingdom's GDP.

Health is your wealth.

We often forget how essential it is to live in a strong and capable body, so we’re bringing you this rundown of the 32 latest wellness and health trends in the United States.

So, let’s peek behind the curtain and see what everyone how everyone else is staying healthy in 2021.

The Peak Performance team collected the following data with Google Trends, Exploding Topics, Answer the Public, Moz keyword research, interviews, documentaries, case studies, and expert opinion on each topic.

1. Do you even OMAD?

OMAD is an acronym for One Meal A Day, a diet plan that usually involves eating large amounts of calories in one meal and then fasting for the next 23 hours.

Search engines record growth of 913% in the past five years, which signals a clear upward term. YouTubers are infamous for throwing OMAD spectacles, sometimes eating more than 10,000 calories in one sitting.

We don’t recommend eating 10,000 calories a day, and certainly not in one meal.

OMAD is a fasting discipline and draws most perks from well-established fasting benefits, including weight loss, improved blood pressure, cellular function, etc.

2. Oat milk instead of cow’s milk

Oat milk soared 350% in 2020, creating a strong new dietary trend.

Most people have already noticed Oat Milk sections in their supermarkets. The milk is tasty and serves as an excellent substitute for lactose intolerant people who’d like a splash of milk in their coffee, smoothies, and shakes.

3. Vegan Collagen

The inner beauty is a buzzword lately, and some brands market their new supplements as “beauty that doesn’t wash off.”

Vegan collagen is strictly organic, natural, and divorced from any animal suffering—animal-derived ingredients. The studies are not yet there to confirm Vegan collagen's effectiveness, but the trend is certainly here, and we don’t see it stopping any time soon.

4. Gummies

When people think of health supplements, they think of pills, tablets, and strange powder that wouldn't pass the airport security.

Gummies are soft candy that delivers optimal Elderberry extract, multivitamin formula, and other healthy nutrients. Google trends show an abrupt explosion in the number of search results for Gummie supplements.

5. Keto Cereal

The ketogenic diet is high in fat and proteins and low in carbs. People on keto drastically eat fewer carbohydrates and often stay away from pasta, bread, and cereals.

Cereal sales were down all over the world, and experts blamed it on millennials. But millennials didn’t kill cereal. They smacked it with a low-carb pistol and left it leading on the floor.

Recently, Magic Spoon and similar brands produce cereals that are solely proteins and healthy fats, and the Keto community is buying them in buckets.

6. Plant-based diet

Ever since James Wilk’s documentary Game Changers, people have started paying more attention to plant-based diets.

A plant-based diet is a diet that relies mostly on fruit and veggies and only moderate amounts of animal products.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Williams sisters, and other prominent personalities all swear in the power of plant-based diets. Individual research shows that such a diet can help you live longer and harvest more energy.

The term plant-based exploded in mid-2020, and it’s only getting more popular ever since.

7. Smart sportswear

Tech and sports are finally finding common grounds. Geeks and Football players are joining forces into creating a new trend of wearable sports tech.

You can now buy a ring that measures your sleep and a watch that helps you count miles, calories, and your heartbeats. Most wearable tech is focusing on fitness and tracking fitness goals.

8. Recipe box delivery services

When the pandemic viciously stabbed the restaurant industry with lockdowns, it also paved the way for box recipe delivery services.

You may have heard about HelloFresh or MindfulChef before. Both companies offer a recipe box delivery service with all ingredients and a careful step-by-step process. Customers can track how many calories they eat and can rely on personally cooking fresh food.

Dining out was always more than just eating food. People would enjoy the experience of getting dressed and meeting others. Recipe box services stepped in to fill that gap by letting you prepare the food you usually wouldn’t make yourself and offering a new experience in the process.

9. Monk Fruit Sweeteners

If we can only eat more sugar without getting fat and wrecking our health in the process, wouldn’t that be a utopia?

Many companies rush to produce a healthy substitute for the sweet flavour we get from sugar. Unfortunately, the early attempts with Stevie failed to deliver the healthy bit of getting off sugar. Stevia was deemed illegal in the US in the late 90s due to initial studies showing an increased risk of cancer.

Luckily, today, we have Monk Fruit, a real fruit that can produce a similar sweetness flavour without extra calories.

10. Grocery delivering services

Many people miss aimlessly strolling between the aisles of Ralphs and WholeFoods without having to worry about a deadly virus.

Hey, we miss that normal life too. But the good in all that evil is that you can order groceries from home. If you’re not in a position to carry extra weight and are generally concerned about your well being, then services like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, and ButcherBox, can help you mitigate the health risks.

11. Gut Health Supplements

The bacteria living in your gut is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Health experts and scientists are still discovering the importance of Gut health in overall well-being. Many new studies link poor gut health to cancer, psychological illness, and even death.

Supplements like apple cider vinegar, probiotics, and prebiotics help maintain a healthy gut and feed the right kind of bacteria. People are flocking orders for gut health supplements, and rightfully so.

12. Healthy snacks

Imagine the world where popcorn, sugar cones, and Pop-Tarts can’t kill you with type-2 diabetes.

People search for healthy snacks that don’t invoke guilty consciousness. Companies including SkinnyPop are investing heavily in gluten-free and organic snacks that make you feel better while watching a film or enjoying a dinner party with a friend.

13. Cannabidiol supplements

Cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD, is a THC-free extract from cannabis. CBD offers health benefits, including more restful sleep, lower anxiety, and pain management. Many swear by CBD supplements.  The products often come as oil or candy that is tasty and easily digestible.

More than 550,000 monthly searches originate from the US regarding CBD supplements.

14. Sleep remedy

Sleepless nights are not a badge of honor from the Hustle culture anymore. Doctors and health experts are warning us for years that we should be more mindful of our sleep.

Supplements like Melatonin, 5HTP, and CBD spearhead sleep remedy conversation. Many users find that adding something to their sleep helps them enjoy a better and more energetic day ahead, consequently resulting in a more professional and personal life.

15. Vitamin B supplements

Vegans talk about B12 all the time. People with skin conditions talk about B3, and anemics share their experience with vitamin B6, and yes, it’s all the time too.

B vitamins are vital players in keeping a strong body and mind. A healthy body needs B vitamins to create building blocks for energy, brain function, immune system, and metabolism.

Methylcobalamin spray is a popular form of B12 that delivers more benefits for vegans and others suffering from low energy due to Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Nicotinamide capsules are water-soluble vitamin B3 supplements and another in-demand product.

16. Jade Rollers

Jade Rollers are gadgets that are making it on supermarket shelves in the beauty section. Jade is a green, yellow, or white ornamental mineral that is usually pricey, but individual companies sell Jade rollers for less than $15.

Rolling jade over your face promotes blood circulation, helps your skin absorb product, and potentially enhances glow, reduces puffiness, minimizes fine lines, improves elasticity, and detoxifies the skin.

17. Virtual fitness

People want to stay active even during lockdowns and quarantines.

Down Dog and similar apps bring the yoga studio experience to your home. You can now choose the right workout, tempo, and music and dive right into your next HIIT, bar, or yoga session.

18. Meditation

Meditation is a spiritual exercise that has entered mainstream medicine. Many celebrities swear by its practice, and research confirms the health benefits of the eastern tradition. Your family doctor may start offering online meditation sessions with their service. Mobile apps, including Headspace, are turning in more profit following this trend.

19. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)

ASMR is often explained as the weird sensation that feels good, or in full definition, ASMR is a tingling sensation that spirals from the scalp and moves down the back of the neck. The hair on your neck experience, but in a pleasant way. ASMR is growing in popularity, and you can now find YouTube content, Spotify songs, and other ways to induce ASMR sensation.

20. Blue light technology blockers

The total time behind a computer screen has gone through the roof. More people are turning to digital workspaces, bending their backs in front of a blue-screen computer for hours on end. Entertainment, such as video games and film, is solely on screen, and even your social life has been online lately.

Screens — wonders of modern technology —  emit blue light similar to sun rays. Your eyes and body are finding it difficult to adjust to the new conditions. Blue light disrupts your circadian rhythm, which causes general health issues, trouble with sleep, and frequent fatigue.

Blue Light glasses and screens help mitigate some health risks that are associated with increased behind-the-screen time.

21. Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C serum is another beauty trend that meets health. Vitamin C is praised as the ultimate health vitamin and often gets a lot of credit among the top-expert communities for health, beauty, and wellness.

People apply the serum to reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity.

22. Ergonomic office furniture

The classic office world is on its back legs, but the office-way-of life is only warming up. Digital workers usually sit behind a computer for prolonged hours, even if they’re working for a company in a classic office. Many are reporting back problems and stiff necks and subsequently looking for solutions.

Ergonomic chairs offer a solution by position your body in a more natural state. Search results for Ergonomical Chairs ballooned in 2020, and we see this trend continue well in 2021 and later.

23. Finding purpose with Ikigai

Ikigai is another eastern tradition that is slowly entering the American mainstream. The search terms for Ikigai rose by 700% in the past few years, outlining a clear trend in pop culture.

Ikigai is a ‘personal reason for being,’ similar to the ‘meaning of life.’ High awareness of Ikigai correlates with productivity and overall well-being, according to Japanese studies.

24. Portable Blenders

Hipsters and holier-than-thou fitness personalities reserved the culture of smoothies until very recently. But who doesn’t want a morning smoothie today? These drinks are in the top 3 foods that people think of when they think of healthy food.

Everyone wants a Banana-strawberry fruit experience, and in 2021, people want to reserve an option to make smoothies on the go, at any time and from anywhere.

The search results and sale of portable blenders are going through the roof, recording a 608% increase in search results over the past five years.

25. Mindful eating

Okinawan elders are Japanese people that regularly live up to 100 years, exceeding global standards by a wide margin.

Okinawans swear that their longevity comes from Hara Hachi Bu, an old Confucian philosophy of eating only up to 80% of feeling full. Together with Okinawans and OMAD people, mindful eating is making rounds in most fitness and health discussions.

We’re not just worried about what we eat anymore, but also how and when we eat.

26. Odd vegetables

The world is wasting half of all products because it's too small or misshaped.

Vegetables on display in supermarkets are usually hand-picked to satisfy a certain standard, which means that many veggies don’t make the cut.

What happens to the ugly tomatoes, potatoes, and celery? Farmers would usually throw ugly produce away, pass it to food processing, or create animal feed.

Companies are picking up on the trend and packing the ugly veggies in packages and shipping them to the homes of conscious eaters.

27. Digital detox

Too much media is not healthy. Overconsumption of the latest news and social media feeds can lead to depression, anxiety, and diminished life quality.

People are finding themselves in urgent need of a media fast. Digital detox is on the rise, and with increased awareness of human psychological well-being, this trend can only continue in 2021.

28. Online Therapy

Some professional consultations are moving online in 2021. Healthcare systems are not famous for providing the greatest psychological support, and more people search for other ways. The burden of dealing with the pandemic and increased economic and political tension is leaving people burnt out.

Search engines record a massive spike in terms like online therapy, online counseling, and Talkspace. The online therapy trend may see its golden hours in 2021.

29. Green Indoors

Air-purifying houseplants are in high demand, and with more people working from home, this trend may only continue its way to the moon in 2021. Spider Plant, Aloe Vera, and Peace Lily will freshen up your indoors and help you enjoy cleaner air in your home.

30. Digital therapeutics

Mobile technology helps with physical treatments too. Dexcom helps diabetes monitor blood sugar levels at all times through a simple-to-use gadget, while companies like Pear record your data and help you find the optimal pharmaceutical routine.

GoHealth is another app in this arena, and it helps patients compare medicare offers and choose the best fitting plan for the price.

31. Substitute meat and fish for conscious eaters

Vegans are searching for ways to enjoy beef burgers and shrimp pasta without damaging the ecosystem and supporting slaughterhouses.

Beyond Meat, Quorn, MorningStar Farms, and similar companies specialize in alternative meat products and (this is coming from a meat eater)  deliver tasty substitute patios for cheeseburgers, shrimp pasta, steaks.

32. Health shakes that provide all nutritional ingredients

Meal replacements are a trendy topic lately, with companies like Ensure and Huel spearheading the new dawn of food consumption. Many find regular food too complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

Health shakes are supposed to go beyond supplements and offer full-meal replacements.

We’re living in a powerful health revolution.

The current seismic shift helps people become mindful about general health and wellbeing, especially of our families, friends, and neighbours.

The top 32 health trends for 2021 will absolutely make you feel better about yourself, help you build a healthy body, and bring about your peak performance in life, business, and sports.

Hopefully, the newly found hygiene and empathy are here to stay beyond this year.