3 Scientifically Proven Benefits of MCT Oil That Will Supercharge Your Day

“I seriously feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life,” shared Stacy on Reddit after adding MCT oil to his morning coffee.

“Let’s save some f*&ing lives today,” the rest of his post reads. And Stacey is not the only one discovering the power of MCT Oil. With the rise of the keto-diet community and the scientific understanding of how the human body works, ketones and saturated fats are receiving more attention.

Tim Ferriss and other health enthusiasts openly promote and preach adding exogenous ketones like MCT Oil to the daily diet.

But what is MCT oil exactly? 

MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides) is a form of saturated fat, a natural component in most foods.

MCT oil is food for the body and brain, literally.

You can find MCT Oil in Coconut oil and many other oils, and the human body needs the right amount of fatty acids from oil to operate normally. However, modern diets and lack of nutritional background have created an enormous health problem for many health enthusiasts. Simply, not eating fat can be detrimental to your appearance, thinking process, energy, and can lead to disease and illness.

Supplementing MCT oil can help you out in more than one way.

MCT Oil is unique compared to dietary sources of fat, such as eggs, nuts, avocados, and olive oil. 

Your body takes an awful lot of time to convert fat to energy.

MCT benefits come from how fast your body can transform the fat from oil into energy. Saturated fats have to travel far and wide to get digested by bile acids and enzymes before you can enjoy a burst of energy. Most fats digest in this slow way in your body.

MCT oil skips the whole process, travels straight to the liver, and gives an immediate boost to the immune system, physical endurance, and energy.

Proven Benefits of MCT Oil that will supercharge your day.

1. Lose Weight by Adding Two Soft Gels of MCT Oil in the Morning

Losing fat by adding more fat might sound counterintuitive, but it makes perfect sense with medium-chain triglycerides.

MCT oil helps release hormones that promote feeling full and saturated throughout the day, according to nutritional studies. Individuals report taking MCT oil helps avoid overeating for lunch and dinner. You might even find yourself choosing healthier options when your body has enough saturated fats in the system. 

Scientists report that MCT oil is a powerful agent in the war on obesity and weight-related problems that plague many American lives.

2. Enjoy a Pleasant and Powerful Energy Boost from MCT oil

MCT oil is an effective calory-burner because your body already has enough energy from the ketones and is not forced to store extra fat.

MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) is the super-fuel because your body absorbs it faster than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs). In plain English, MCT travels directly to the liver, gets rapidly converted into ketones, and is distributed around the body for energy. On the other hand, LCTs depend on many factors like bile acid and enzymes to get digested and used as a good energy source.

MCT provides your body with the right nutrients to produce steady energy throughout the day.

Taking two soft gels in the morning helps keep your peak energy levels.

3. MCT Enhances Mental Clarity and Builds up Memory Recall

MCT is known as rocket fuel for the brain.

Your brain is probably the most potent force in the universe, and with great power usually comes a great need for energy. Unfortunately, your mind cannot store energy and needs readily available energy-promoting nutrients to operate at all times. And that usually comes from sugar because it’s quickly absorbed and processed within the body.

Because sugar is so so abundant in our diets, it creates more problems than it solves. You can trace many detrimental health conditions back to the over-consumption of sugar. Diabetes, heart conditions, and vascular diseases are all connected in one way to sugar. Your diet is wreaking your body.

A poor body can hardly sustain a great mind. Adding MCT to your diet increases verbal recall and mental capacity to handle the day ahead of you.

The Biggest Issue with MCT oil is not in the proven benefit but available brands on the market. 

Dodgy supplements and harmful ingredients are the primary reason we’re producing and providing organic and quality MTC oil.

You can often come across rancid MCT Oil. Individual supplements are not regulated, and companies take advantage of uninformed users looking to feel and look better. The rule of thumb is that If a supplement smells bad, then it’s probably bad for you.

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If you’re wondering whether to order Coconut oil or MCT oil? Here’s the perfect answer.

Another big debate is between using Coconut oil and MCT oil to supercharge your daily routine. 

Tim Ferris ads coconut oil to his morning cocktail and takes MCT oil 2–3 times throughout the day when he’s fasting. The rule of thumb is that you can’t miss on benefits if you consume both supplements.

Peak Performance MCT oil includes the Organic Coconut oil in the formula to deliver 1000 milligrams of pure MCT Oil per serving and settle that debate.